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March 27 at 10:32 AM ·
Happy “Malachi” Weekend, Everyone!
I think this is a first. The first devotional I actually put the Book name in the introduction. Well, if anyone deserves credit, its Malachi. Malachi was called to perform a difficult and dangerous task. It was his responsibility to rebuke the people for the sins they were committing against God and against one another, and to call them to return to the Lord. Malachi took a wise approach: he anticipated the objections of the people and met them head-on.
God warned them that He would “curse their [Israel’s] blessings” if they didn’t start “doing the will of God from the heart” and giving Him their best In fact, their crops had already been ruined by devouring insects, but things could get worse. God warned that He could curse the very seed that was planted so that it would never germinate and produce a harvest. Since the law gave the priests and Levites a tithe of the produce, ruined crops would mean empty tables.
It’s possible that the word “seed” in Malachi 2:3 may refer to their children. It was important that the Jews have children in order to perpetuate the nation, but God could prevent even the human seed from being productive. Another way of looking at it is that God would turn their children, who should be a blessing, into a burden and a curse. It would be painful not to have children, but it would also be painful to have children who daily broke your heart and created grief in the home. It was bad enough that the priests were disobeying the Law, but they were causing others to stumble as well.
Sooooooooooooo, where are we, you and I, in this? Once the nation is cleansed, and the priests are purified, then they can become an acceptable sacrifice to the Lord; and He will be pleased with them. The priests in Malachi’s time were offering sacrifices that were unacceptable, and the priests themselves were unacceptable; but in that great day, God’s Messenger would make His people “living sacrifices” that would be acceptable to the Lord.
Sometimes when we see scripture like this, we think it’s talking about the Pastor and leaving us alone. Not true; God’s Word tells us that Christians (followers of Christ) are ALL Priests; therefore, every one of us are called to sacrifice ourselves for the Lord. God not only saw into the Priests hearts, He sees into our hearts, as well. God is quite clear about what sorts of actions will be judged. At first glance we may feel tempted to think that we’re exempt from the rebuke; after all, we wouldn’t think of practicing sorcery. But it becomes clear that we should examine ourselves more carefully — lying, injustice, and a lack of mercy also displeases God. Also, how often does someone else come to mind when we hear sins brought up, only to forget that we ourselves are sinners.
Dear friends, God does not change; therefore, He kept His covenant and did not destroy Israel, though Israel deserved it. The faithfulness of God sustains us. We expect the Lord to be faithful to keep His Word. If that is true, we should not think that we have the privilege of NOT keeping our promises? Someday we will all stand before Christ and will give an account for our lives. Are there areas of your life that need to experience the Refiner’s fire? Is it happening to our world…even NOW?
We are still quarantined so keep checking our Facebook page for devotionals like this one and our Pastor’s Sermons and Children’s Sermons. God bless you all. Stay clean and stay safe…and keep putting your tithes back until we meet again or send them through the mail. AMEN.
Deacon R Neal G

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